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Vintage Dealer Photo from Galax, Virginia

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Chris spotted this Jeep dealer photo taken in Galax, Virginia, on a Carroll County Facebook page. If you look carefully, you’ll see the round ‘Service’ Jeep sign (painted?) on the building with an extra large “P”.

There’s still a Mink Motor Sales company that sells used cars. I can’t tell if this venture is the same location as shown in in the pic below.



10 Comments on “Vintage Dealer Photo from Galax, Virginia

  1. Barney Goodwin

    I love this photo! And note the Studebaker ( pronounced StooDE’baker here in S. Ohio) Avanti at the far right. Growing up in Houston, my next door neighbor won a 62 Lark for submitting the winning name of the new Houston baseball team – The Colt 45s. Two years later the name was changed to the Astros after Judge Roy Hofheinz built the Astrodome.


    I grew up in Portsmouth virginia and didn’t see no stinking jeeps ? – well I did have a jeep pedal car ..


    BREAKING NEWS — theres a 1951 willys 673 wagon for sale in reno , nev — its on craigslist , reno — it has something I have never seen before — a L-161 lightning engine with an ALLSTATE cylinder head !!! — as you may remember , SEARS sold Kaiser henry j’s back in the day with an ALLSTATE nameplate — this engine or head must have come from one ? — I have a 1950 willys 673 , it has the Lightning name plate on the cylinder head — and I have Kaiser supersonic 161 cylinder heads , 4 and 6 cylinder — these were from Kaiser henry j’s — I’VE NEVER SEEN AN ALLSTATE L-HEAD !! — priceless ..

  4. rdjeep

    Well, thought I should check here first before I spent time looking for the dealer’s former location with Google satellite. Didn’t. Figured the building would likely be on the main drag, and then saw the unusual roof line and frontal footprint. Confirmed the angled front wall by the unique corner interlacing the block work in the pic, house to the right, and behind with a single center chimney. HA! Found it!

    The found Don’s comment.

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