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2 FC-150s Sheboygan, WI **Status Unknown**

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: Status Unknown. Was $3000.

(02/19/2020) James shared this combo for sale. One has a title and one doesn’t.

2-fcs-sheyboygan-wi1 2-fcs-sheyboygan-wi2

“1. 1960 wide track 134 Fhead motor. t90 3 speed transmission. PTO on the back. dana 18 transfer case dana 44 front and rear axles in 5.38 gears. i bought this as a complete truck. i have a title for this one. i took it apart to restore it. project lost steam. the rear counterweight is there.
when i got it home, i put a brand new Toyota starter on it, poured some gas down the carb, hot wired it, and the engine fired right up and purrs like a kitten. this was after cleaning the points, obviously as it sat for 20 years. i was going to restore this into my dream truck, but i dont have the patience for this long term project.
to update the mechanical s, i bought, but haven’t installed:
*new clutch kit
*new electronic distributor to get rid of the old points and condensers
*new coil
* new wilwood brake MC, and brake brackets (converted to disk brakes).
*new radiator
*new lots of stuff…..just cant think of it all at the moment. the body is rough, but its all there.
2. 1958 jeep FC150. this is the narrow track version, closer to a CJ. same motor/tranny as above. i bought this one for parts for my restore, but got sick of working on the ’60 and got this one driving, just to say i drove an FC. body is a little better than than the red one. *NO TITLE FOR THIS ONE*

all interior parts are there for both. if you want, i can email you a video of me driving the 58. it has no bed with it. i bought it for the cab, and any donor parts i may have needed for my restore that i am quitting.

i have a new windshield that comes with the sale.
i have a spare set of upper back corners that come with the sale.
i put salvage in condition, but they are both fairly solid, and can be combined to a heck of a nice jeep.
there are TWO complete FCs. i will not seperate anything.
i will not trade for anything other than a Jeep Scrambler.
i will not hold it for anybody that wants to pay me extra.
i only take cash.
my price is firm.
can text pics, just let me know what you are looking for.
corners are kinda rotted in the typical rounded spots.

dont text and ask if its still available. if you are reading this, its still for sale.

my two arent showroom vehicles, but if you know what they are, then you know what they are worth.

ive included an example picture of what a scrap one looks like, and its going for 1000.00 with no title. just a point of reference. again, my price is firm. “


10 Comments on “2 FC-150s Sheboygan, WI **Status Unknown**

  1. Doug in Ohio

    FC related note:On ABC last night “Bless this mess” tv show I am pretty sure I saw an FC in the background in one of the scenes.

  2. james schuchardt

    you did! the green 170?

    i started watching that show just to see it! my wife and i play who spots the FC first 🙂

  3. james schuchardt

    i watch that show, because in the first episode i seen it too! now i tune in in hopes of seeing it!

  4. Doug in Ohio

    Thanks! I need to pay closer attention to the show!And I did not remember seeing the earlier post here!

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Hi JL,

    Since the post expired, this may still be available. However, I don’t have any direct contact info. I’ve updated the post. If I see it relisted on Craigslist I will drop you an email.

    – Dave

  6. Brian W DeMille

    If anyone knows the seller of these two Jeep’s could you please contact me via FB. Brian DeMille. Thanks

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