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1961 CJ-5 Jim Thorpe, PA $3400


Steve spotted this ad. The CJ-5 runs, has a plow, a Acme hardtop, and a Warn OD. Seems worth a look.

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“Original condition Willys Jeep CJ-5 showing 71k miles on the odometer. F-head 134 Hurricane 4-cylinder engine runs smooth and sweet. Three speed manual transmission, two speed transfer case, coupled to a Warn overdrive gear unit and a newer clutch. (have video of engine idling)
The jeep drives, shifts, and brakes normal. The overdrive unit, when engaged, reduces engine RPM and allows for a more road friendly vehicle. Look up Warn overdrive to get an idea of its value. (have video of driving through gears)

This CJ-5 has a solid frame featuring all of the original drive train and suspension components. The body tub is rusty on the side panels and floor with a few patch panels. Front fenders have some rust but they have the Willys embossed logo so may be worth saving. The tailgate is stamped Willys and is in decent condition. The slated grill, hood, windshield frame, and dashboard all are OK. Has an Acme fiberglass hardtop.

The interior has the original seats, steering wheel and gauges on the dash. No cracks in the glass. Most of the lights work, only one of the wiper motors works, heater fan blows.

The plow blade works great and is easily removed. A simple hydraulic pump has been installed running off an engine driven belt. Controls for up/down & left/right are in the cab.

The price is negotiable after viewing the Jeep for yourself but I’ll list @ $3400 to keep the tire kickers away. If you have read up to this point, then you probably have an idea what this example of a vintage CJ-5 is worth. You may also have an idea of what it will take to get this vehicle to your ideal condition. If you want to know the “lowest I will go on the price”, then make an offer via e-mail and I will simply reply yes or no. If you are more serious then we can schedule a showing and talk about your offer once you’ve seen the Jeep (storage location 18229).

I bought the Jeep to plow my driveway. I never did get to the restoration.
I hold a clear PA title on this vehicle. This is a pre-listing on Craigslist before I put the CJ up on a classic vehicle auction website.”


7 Comments on “1961 CJ-5 Jim Thorpe, PA $3400

  1. Mike

    This Jeep is value for the dollar, not only that, the ad description is well written and informative. Reading a post such as this instills trust in making a purchase.

  2. Nick M

    …although it does look a little long on the rear. Not a perfect fit but, again, looks like it works enough.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Nick, I didn’t notice that it’s about an inch(?) too long. But, yeah, better an inch over hang than getting wet from the weather!

  4. Mike

    This is interesting, that 1″ too long, I have a Meyer hard top from a early 70’s CJ5 mounted on my 66 CJ5, same thing, hardly noticeable. Everything else is a good fit. Just made a short filler piece for each side to cover the gap.

  5. Mike

    P.S. I think this is a good example of the enjoyment you get by NOT doing big bucks restorations, you make it fit, and you fool the eye. It’s a good feeling. I remember a local fireman in Clifton back the 60’s who took a CJ5 Meyer top and made it fit his CJ3A, I was impressed. To me this is talent and the CREATIVE spirit at work.

  6. Nick M

    I have a ’74 CJ5 (and ’52 M38) and I passed up a good deal on one of these tops a few months ago because my prior research indicated that it only fit ’76 and newer, but in light of this CJ I prob should’ve grabbed it.

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