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1976 Diesel Mitsubishi Coal City, IN $7500


Appears solid.

“Misubishi cj3b industrial 4 cycle transmission. 2 speed +18 transfer case. Street legal titled and tagged in Indiana.”

1976-mitsubishi-terrehaute-in1 1976-mitsubishi-terrehaute-in2 1976-mitsubishi-terrehaute-in3 1976-mitsubishi-terrehaute-in4


3 Comments on “1976 Diesel Mitsubishi Coal City, IN $7500

  1. Paul Buchman

    Was interested in this and did some checking on replacement parts. Emailed a company out of Georgia (Paladin Trucks) and learned that parts for these things are extremely expensive ($48 for an oil filter, $72 for an air filter, $1500 for brake job, $6000 for an injection pump). Did contact the owner and got more pics. Jeep is in pretty good condition. Price of replacement parts scared me off.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Paul, thanks for the update. I ran into a similar issue with Austin Champs. The parts had to come from the UK, which made them pricey.

    – Dave

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