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Hood Strips Ever a Factory Option?

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Someone on Facebook claimed that hood strips were a factory option, though without specificity as to which model of jeep in which time period such an option was offered. I was not aware of this option nor have I seen any documentation for such an option. Of course, I’ve seen plenty of jeeps for sale with hood strips, but never saw much consistency among the designs.

So, anyone know 1) were hood strips ever a factory option? 2) were they ever a dealer option? 3) were they ever featured as a special equipment option? 4) if any of these are true, does anyone have documentation?

Here’s an example of wood strips:


From the CJ-3B Page:


6 Comments on “Hood Strips Ever a Factory Option?

  1. Dennis in Astoria

    Just a though, don’t know for sure but I would think they were put on by owners for deer season to support the extra weight when you had it strapped to the hood. Maybe there was a company that offered them but like you said not much consistency with them.

  2. Keith

    Maybe an aftermarket company offered them, but i’ve seen so may versions I tend to think just home made. Maybe a diagram published in Mechanics Illustrated ‘how to’ section?

  3. Bob in nc

    I’ve seen a few. All on cj3bs. Like this red one they all seem about uniform. Like they came as a kit.

    But this red one you can see one is broken. If strips had been rift and quarted it would not have broken like this. And any kits sold if indeed there was a kit sold would have probably been rift and quarted white oak. So the red one pictured in my guess is home made strips of probably oak plain sawn lumber, not R/Q.

  4. Terry

    No way a factory option ! Just the fact that a Facebook person says it’s so makes it not so .

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks guys. That was my feeling as well, that they were likely all home made unless some local dealer offer to add them.

    Terry … agreed. But, I figured I would do some research just to be sure. After all, with Willys-Overland, you just never know for sure!

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