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Four Wheeler Makes Some Seat Covers

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In case anyone’s interested, Four Wheeler ran an article by Verne Simons about making seat covers.



7 Comments on “Four Wheeler Makes Some Seat Covers

  1. Mike

    I’ve been doing this for years, more than seat covers, new upholstery. for both my CJ5 and my Willys wagon. Years ago, I came across an old Singer walking foot sewing machine sitting at the curb, grabbed it, and was able to achieve good results using the old upholstery panels as patterns. Not to brag, but in this case I will, Mine look much better, ten times better than those pictured above. One thing you want is a snug fit, I don’t see that in the above picture.

  2. Dave

    Yah I think if he had stuffed a layer of that polyester fiberfill stuff on top of the foam, it would have taken out the wrinkles.

    By the way, is the author the “dr verne” guy I’ve heard about? If so, what is the story on that guy?

  3. Joe in Mesa

    Mike, I hope to meet you some time when we’re back in Jersey! I re-upholstered some CJ2A seats with similar/great results. I used marine vinyl with canvas texture: super tough, especially standing up to the brutal Arizona sun and heat. You’re so right: gotta be taut/snug :-).

  4. Mike

    Joe in Mesa, Yes, we do need to meet in the future, we have so much in common. marine vinyl, exactly what I used, with no experience at all, was able to get much better results than “showcased” in this article. I don’t know who writes and judges this stuff to be news worthy, but I know this, so many of us so called garage hobbyists have greater skill levels than represented in the main stream media.

  5. Blaine

    Dr Vern is a different Vern. I don’t know what he has been doing recently. It’s been about 5 years I think since I last saw him. I keep thinking I should call/drive by and see him sometime when I’m in his neighborhood. Just haven’t had time yet.

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