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1964 CJ-3B Marissa, IL $2000


UPDATE: Seller indicates it includes a Gov plate, so it was likely a Gov/military purchased CJ-3B.

This has a ventilating windshield.  It does appear to have a place on the dash with four holes where a gov data plate could have been.

1964-cj3b-il1 1964-cj3b-il2 1964-cj3b-il3 1964-cj3b-il4

“This is a 1964 Military Jeep for sale that is like a M606.
The army and the navy were the only ones to use these jeeps, and they were intended for more mundane duties around bases and such.
It does have the original military wheels and most of the original hard top (the side and rear doors are missing).
The engine is stuck, and the radiator is long gone (scrappers stole it along with the doors years ago).
I have the original body tags along with the reproduction brass military tag.

No title, but will provide a bill of sale.

Accepting any reasonable offer. I would like to see it go to someone who knows what it is versus it becoming a start for a crawler or mud buggy.”


4 Comments on “1964 CJ-3B Marissa, IL $2000

  1. Minnesota Chris

    There is actually quite a bit of value more in parts if rust hasn’t taken over. The biggest being the ventilating windshield frame (rust is present on bottom though), correct rear seat, fresh air heater, original front seats, and t handle parking brake. It has a lot of good late 3b components on it too. Better pics would be nice to see condition of body and frame

  2. Kaiser

    Ok this IS NOT a standard Cj3b as stated. It IS NOT an M606 as stated. IT IS a made for military Cj3b.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Kaiser: Without a look at the plate, we can’t tell if it was used by the gov or by the military, but it certainly could have been ORDERED by the military. I don’t see anything especially unique on this that indicates to was MADE for the military.

    Chris: Agreed.

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