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Willys Jeep Newspaper Ad During 1944

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Here’s an unusually small and succinct ad that appeared seven times in the Midland Journal out of Rising Sun, Maryland, from June 30, 1944, through October 6, 1944. I’ve yet to run across this specific ad elsewhere. I can’t tell if it’s a corporate ad or a locale, hopeful, dealer ad.

One thing to note is that in July of 1944, Willys-Overland began using apostrophes around the word Jeep like this ‘Jeep’ major magazine ads (see the 1944 Saturday Eve. Post Ads here for comparison), yet that was not done in any of the newspaper ads in the Midland Journal, as shown below. (Ed note …. Yeah, I know, not earth shattering news, but I never know when little details like this will add up to some insight).

The one shown below was in the August 11, 1944, issue of the Midland Journal:


This shows how small the ad was within the newspaper page.




One comment on “Willys Jeep Newspaper Ad During 1944

  1. JohnfromSC

    I wish the scan was just a bit higher resolution, because it looks like some interesting content on the rest of the page too, but can’t quite make it out.

    Jeep ad message is so simple, Jeeps are just plain utilitarian, and that’s the value.

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