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1957 CJ-5 Chico, CA $7000


This jeep has a couple neat features. It’s got an interesting spare tire/back bumper set up and it’s still has the Cutlas operation sticker within the glove box (alas, the cutlas hubs aren’t on it anymore).


1957-cj5-chico-ca0 1957-cj5-chico-ca1 1957-cj5-chico-ca2 1957-cj5-chico-ca3

“This Jeep is the cleanest unrestored 1957 around. No cancer!!! !! Original paint. Has dealer option hard top and doors that have NEVER been removed. Jeep was ordered with a snow plow but plow has since been lost.

Original 1/3 2/3 front seat. Factory “ Willys all range “ overdrive. with original 3 speed trans. This Jeep never came with a roll bar or a rear seat. Rear cargo area is extremely clean. Original owner had a 351 Windsor installed in 1974.

When he passed away 5 years ago, the Jeep was left to his best friend who had the engine rebuilt, balanced and blue printed by a local hot rod shop. The jeep was driven approximately 500 miles since the rebuild. Just replaced the fuel line and filter as well as the the cap, rotor, points etc.. Tires are 32×11.50 BFG all terrains with at least 90% tread on 15×10 wheels.

1957-cj5-chico-ca4 1957-cj5-chico-ca5 1957-cj5-chico-ca6 1957-cj5-chico-ca7

Original owner also had a Gm steering column and box installed. All original suspension. All headlights, tail lights turn signals etc… are all in proper working order. Factory installed spot lights are also working. Larger front brakes were also installed. Brakes work great. Engine runs beautifully!!! This Jeep has a ton of character and interesting add-ons from the dealer and or the original owner ( see pics) This Jeep runs drives and stops amazingly. Very clean Jeep!!! Tilt down rear spare tire carrier. Matching black plates. Jeep was bought new in 57 in Greenville Ca. Jeep has a clear California title and registered through May”


9 Comments on “1957 CJ-5 Chico, CA $7000

  1. Mike

    This very same Jeep is listed on Ebay, with 3 bids and high bid of $3850.00. I don’t know if this good way to sell a vehicle, seems to be counter productive, like biding against yourself.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    For the seller, it’s much less hassle to sell locally, so I can understand listing it local. As for eBay, you never know, as *sometimes* folks get in a bidding war and you profit in the end. And, sometimes listing on eBay can give a seller a feel for the jeep’s value. I guess I can see doing both?

  3. Mike

    AS FOR THAT SPARE TIRE CARRIER I made one like that for my CJ5 many years ago, recently improved on it by not only swinging down, but also swinging to the passenger side. Sometimes, the thought process works over time, in my case, decades.

  4. anonymous

    hahahaha ( unrestored ) – so whats that under the hood ? — that’s not a willys motor ? — yank that thing out and put the f-134 back in and we’ll talk — gm steering , bigger brakes , on and on , is this a ford or a chevy ?

  5. Dan Bowermaster

    Whoa, this is an awesome CJ. I wish I could have a beer with the original owner… or read their memoirs.

  6. Mark Wahlster

    It would have been a Warn Overdrive or possibly a Husky Willys never produced any Overdrives so it couldn’t be a Factory OD. Most likely a Dealer installed option.

  7. Chris Gollihar

    Yeah, I looked at a willy’s that was listed on CL and Ebay. The seller didn’t let me know it was listed on Ebay, and the willy’s wouldn’t run. Of course, I helped him get it running, and the d*** sold it on EBAY!!

    Reminded me of this…


  8. Mike

    Chris, Yes, deceitful, underhanded, this is what I don’t like about the current marketplace, if you’re honest, you get the short end of the stick. I’ve had similar instances in the past, where I do body and paint work for a friend, (or who I valued as a friend) at a good friend price, then he’d go and sell the vehicle at a profit. Happened a number of times, no more, I learned my lesson.

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