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1958 CJ-3B Fullerton, CA $7500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $7500.

(02/19/2020) This may be a former Navy 3B, though the plate has been moved to the inside of engine compartment. The jeep has a variety of updates.

“this is a jeep that is in real good condition. it has the following new: Windshield & Windshield rubber, Upholstery, Gauges Paint Job, Rims, Tires, all electrical wiring, Crankshaft pulley, Alternator, Starter Solenoid, Thermostat & Housing, Radiator, Brakes, Shocks, Steering control arms, all mirrors, all lights, Water pump, Also good turbo 350 transmission and transfer case ready to bolt in. .. and the motor is a good strong running chevy 283 v-8. Selling do to home purchase out if state.”

1958-cj3b-fullerton-ca0 1958-cj3b-fullerton-ca1 1958-cj3b-fullerton-ca2 1958-cj3b-fullerton-ca3 1958-cj3b-fullerton-ca4


5 Comments on “1958 CJ-3B Fullerton, CA $7500

  1. Bob in nc

    Looks and sounds pretty much all replacements parts. Looks like new body too. New engine. Steering looks like it still needs work.

    Somebody unfortunately has a lot of money in a jeep that isn’t worth much.

    This the classic “pig in a poke”.

  2. anonymous ( vernon )

    this proves the navy did have a couple of jeeps ? – I grew up on navy bases in the 1950’s and really didn’t see that many ..

  3. David Eilers Post author

    I’ve seen Navy Gov plates for CJ-3As (esp Szekely APUs), DJ-3As and CJ-3Bs (and of course the USMC used M-38s, CJV-35Us, and M-38A1s). Maybe some wagons? I’d have to research the wagons to be sure.

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