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Jeepers Jamboree: The First 30 Years Book

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I won this book on eBay the other day. With more than 450 pages, the book is full of photos, history, and stories related to thirty years of the Jeepers Jamboree, the Rubicon trail trip that became an annual event.  This particularly edition includes signatures of Mark Smith (founder of the Jeepers Jamboree) and Peg Presba  (the book’s author).

There’s another copy of this book for sale on Amazon, but it’s more than what I paid.

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6 Comments on “Jeepers Jamboree: The First 30 Years Book

  1. anonymous vermin

    see the CHAMBERS LODGE , now LANDING on the map ? – go there for the WORLD FAMOUS CHAMBERS PUNCH , but don’t drive your WILLYS , we used to walk there and stagger back to Tahoma … PS .. I did get a DUI in my 53 willys aero-eagle once — officer said ” nice car , you are under arrest , you have the right to remain silent , anything you say or do can or will be used against you in a court or law , blah blah blah …”

  2. Mike

    Maybe somebody can explain this to me, what is the meaning or purpose of the “Satanic image” on the cover? notice the devil on the cover, kind of gives me the creeps. I’m serious when I ask the question, this image seems so out of place when it relates to Jeeps and those who enjoy the hobby. I only noticed it after looking at the cover consecutive times, reminds me of the Satanic messages backwards controversy decades ago, likely, most of you will think nothing of it, but for me, it triggers deep thought. Other than the obvious Jeepers get together, was there another purpose of this group?

  3. David Eilers Post author


    The trail itself has been referred to as the “Devil’s Trail” by Four Wheeler . There’s also an area called the Devil’s Playground.

    As you can see on this 1987 Belt Buckle, the “Devil’s Playground” and the devilish figure are both prominent:

    The Tahoe region is rife with “devil” names, including
    Devil’s Canyon
    Devil’s Basin
    Devil’s Valley
    Devil’s Postpile trail
    Devil’s Playground
    Devil’s Postpile National Monument:

    – Dave

  4. Chuck

    @Mike, I hear ya. I once bought a Jeep with this symbol on it, the first thing I did was take it off. Even though as Dave pointed out; it has a different meaning, but it still creeped me out.

  5. Mike

    Dave, OK, now I understand the connection.

    Chuck, I agree, I wouldn’t want any thing to do with such a negative statement, until recently, I didn’t know of the symbolism of 666 & 777, now that I know, explains a lot of what happened in the past. Given the current health crisis, I would advise everyone to give it some DEEP thought.

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