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1946 VEC CJ-2A Pittsburgh, PA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5300.

Has the square bolt heads on the windshield.

“Solid, one of the very few made runs drives stops everything works ”

1946-cj2a-vec-pittsburgh-pa2 1946-cj2a-vec-pittsburgh-pa3 1946-cj2a-vec-pittsburgh-pa4


11 Comments on “1946 VEC CJ-2A Pittsburgh, PA **SOLD**

  1. Barney Goodwin

    Neat Jeep. Would be nice to have more pics. Evidence of body work at the rocker area both sides.

  2. Barney Goodwin

    Paul, I think even with occasional issues, ebay would have been a far better choice than either. It’s just that people don’t want to pay the $50 advertising fee. They want it free. National exposure, upload lots of photos, protections for buyer and seller. FB market and CL always seems so anonymous with no one replying . And people need lessons in marketing. Why would you not include photos of the interior or under the hood but yet have 3 of the front. It makes me not trust them before I even think of reaching out.

  3. Barney Goodwin

    Beachwood Canvas makes the original one that goes on the original bows. I’ve never seen this one in vinyl and 7 windows. and appears in very good condition. Anyone able to get hold of him yet?

  4. Dave

    Guess I gotta sign up. This one put me over the edge of being tired of missing stuff because I’m not on Facegram.

    Curious how it’s being handled if the sale was anything but local. The stay at home orders across the country might make it difficult to arrange pick up.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Dave: Yeah, I am unhappy that so much stuff is listed on FB now (terrible search mechanisms for one). But, it’s free and doesn’t require a credit card, unlike Craigslist.

    I’m assuming folks are ignoring the lock down and are traveling anyway (near or far). I’ve wondered whether to keep listing stuff, as I don’t want to encourage folks to travel, but I’ve decided to err on the side of listing stuff, because for most it’s a semi-harmless (assuming you don’t buy anything) form of entertainment.

  6. Barney Goodwin

    Dave E. Yeah I’ve said it before, FB and CL are not good sites. By “listing stuff” do you mean these 2 or ebay etc.? Our business uses an ebay store model for our online sales. Almost the same rules as Amazon; huge postal discounts, and great exposure on the net. No problems. Our online business this past month has been up 20%, but that may have as much to do with tax refunds as people staying at home and working on their project. Store sales are basically by appointment.
    Dave, Many, if not most, use U-ship for vehicle pickup any more. It’s a by appointment thing allowing people returning from a delivery to pay for the return trip. Minimal contact. Most new car dealerships are still open on a “by appointment” basis. Notwithstanding the moral issue, I don’t see much difference. All that said, I wouldn’t be advertising a vehicle on any forum during this crisis.

  7. David Eilers Post author

    Barney: Now that I review what I wrote, I wasn’t quite clear. I meant by posting jeeps for sale, I may be encouraging the violation of stay-at-home rules. So, I thought about the pros and cons and decided I will leave it up to individuals to make good decisions. And, you are right about U-ship; that’s become a popular way to ship items/vehicles.

    I’m happy to hear the business is up!

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