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Early 1960s? Mobil Motion Picture Unit Book on eBay

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This is an unusual book. But, the starting price of $279 surprises me.

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“Offered is a Very Rare 1960’s Kaiser Jeep Instruction Manual for a “Mobil Motion Picture Unit” Marked Model 6-230 4WD-EC ,, Contract 1A-10123 on the cover and on the inside it specifies “Governor Model GC 1496”.

This manual and several others I have listed are from the estate of a Longtime Kaiser Jeep executive. This manual is NOS and was stored in a filing cabinet for many years,,, it is crisp and clean but dose have a little discoloring on the edge ( see photo) nothing major or distracting.

This Jeep was produced as a self contained film crew vehicle with onboard generator, cameraman’s platform and various ladders, plugs and fixtures to support a motion picture/ military USIA press crews.

Manual is marked “U.S Information Agency” also known as “USIA” these vehicles were used by the Government agency impart to produce Cold War propaganda.

It is an original Kaiser Jeep instruction manual not a reproduction .

It also lists many part numbers , specifications and maintenance requirements specifically for this vehicle.”

wagon-motion-picture-manual-gov01 wagon-motion-picture-manual-gov0 wagon-motion-picture-manual-gov1 wagon-motion-picture-manual-gov2

wagon-motion-picture-manual-gov3 wagon-motion-picture-manual-gov4 wagon-motion-picture-manual-gov5 wagon-motion-picture-manual-gov6 wagon-motion-picture-manual-gov7 wagon-motion-picture-manual-gov8 wagon-motion-picture-manual-gov9 wagon-motion-picture-manual-gov10


3 Comments on “Early 1960s? Mobil Motion Picture Unit Book on eBay

  1. anonymous vermin

    wow – its a 6-230 tornado engine sedan delivery !! – that’s rare !! — then add the government propaganda equiptment and you got a real rare bird !! — 2000 watt ac genset , that’s really not that much , I outfitted a cable tv fiber-optic splicing trailer with an ex-4500 watt Honda genset , real quiet ..

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