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A Jeep Rambler on Flickr

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UPDATE: Originally posted to Flickr in 2012 (…/71473…/in/set-72157629836314396 )
According to the photographer:

This was taken in Durkee, Oregon – about 1 block from the Durkee, Post Office. (I am not sure if the Post Office is still open). You can actually see this vehicle in Google Street View if you look in the field at the southeast portion of the intersection of Old US Highway 30 and Oxman Ranch Road in Durkee. ….

Link to Google (you can see all sides of it pretty well):,-117.4643278,3a,75y,91.3h,96.26t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1syRerHg5QL0Xrk9L1y8brfg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656


Originally posted in 2014:

Doug sent this beautiful photo of a Jeep Rambler hybrid he spotted on Flickr. One commenter called it a Jambler. All-in-all, this combo could have looked a lot worse! Note the builder even stenciled ‘JEEP’ onto the back tailgate.

The photo was taken by ‘Old White Truck’. There are some beautiful photos and some humorous captions on his Flickr photostream.



15 Comments on “A Jeep Rambler on Flickr

  1. Mark S.

    Unfortunately we are only seeing truck in a neglected state, I would like to see it when it was just done. I would love to know the backstory, was the front end of the rambler wrecked, or was the rear of the truck wrecked? Maybe they were late model vehicles when it was built.

  2. Robert Anderson

    Doesn’t trip my trigger, but a lot of good quality work seems to have been done here…so get’s my respect !
    If the builder had chopped the top of the Willys to match the roof line of the Rambler it would have been killer looking IMHO !
    Nice job though…

  3. Mike Ethridge

    Like it ! If anyone runs across this photo and has info on where it might be etc etc drop me an email, Thanks, Mike.

  4. mmdeilers Post author


    I suspect this was taken in Montana. I’ve emailed the photographer to see if I can learn more.

    – Dave

  5. larry

    just who came up with that screwy concept? one way neat,one way what the turkey smokin?the idea stuff put back there would be covered is about it.other wise as a pickup it aint.

  6. Joe in Mesa

    Now this is “all original”, in the truest sense.
    I really like Robert Anderson’s idea of chopping “the top of the Willys to match the roof line of the Rambler” :-).

  7. Mike

    Yes, I admire the work of art, doing stuff like this is fun, seldom appreciated, creative talent comes in many forms, society is much too structured in it’s recognition.

  8. Geri

    This is in Idaho now. Still waiting to get it running but will leave outside untouched. Found it in Durkee after a camping trip. I think the previous owner got it in Montana.

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