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1955 CJ-3B Newton Falls, OH $10,000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(09/03/2017) No evidence that I see indicating this was a military jeep.

“1955 Willy’s CJ-3B Military Jeep. 4 cylinder. Fully restored. Authentic WWII canvas top. Has 2 front seats and a back bench seat. Over $10,000 in restoration. Will trade for old pick up truck. 1965 or older. Ford or Chevy. Will accept trade and money or outright purchase. ”



5 Comments on “1955 CJ-3B Newton Falls, OH $10,000

  1. Bob

    I don’t see anything military either. If someone wants me to look at this it’s maybe 20 mins from work for me.

  2. Terry Chicago

    I don’t think it’s military either. That blackout light placement is slightly more back and should be more forward if it’s originally military.


    my 1967 cj-6 v-6 has original olive drab paint on the rear trailer hitch and the canvas strap that holds the windshield down on the hood is OLIVE DRAB – just like randall knives on ebay , ITS VIET NAM ERA !!

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