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1956 Blackhawk Jeep Jack

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UPDATE: This brochure originally appeared on eBay in 2013. This image recently popped up on Facebook along side an actual Jack. So, I’ve included that image with this 1956 Brochure:




“Year: 1956
Type: Original Print Ad
Grade: Very Fine ++
Authentication: Dual Certificates
Image: Two-Color
Approximate Size (inches): 7.75 x 11
Approximate Size (cm): 20 x 28
Description and Condition
This is an original 1956 two-color print ad for the Jeep-Jack, from the Blackhawk Manufacturing Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


5 Comments on “1956 Blackhawk Jeep Jack

  1. Mike

    I wonder if Kaiser Willys considered this an infringement of their “JEEP” brand name, or was there some kind of licencing agreement?

  2. David Eilers

    The Scheneker “Dozerette” also used the Jeep name for a while. However, that was prior to Willys-Overland winning the trademarked.

    As for Blackhawk, they might have argued that “Jeep-Jack” was the full name, which would differentiate it from just “Jeep”. Moreover, as a “tool”, I would imagine it could have been in a different category than the “Jeep” trademark, which was in the vehicles category ( IC 012. US 019. G & S: AUTOMOBILES AND STRUCTURAL PARTS )

    A similar example of that was “Mr. Jeep”, filed by Brian Chuchua in the IC 037. US 103. G & S: MOTOR VEHICLE MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR SERVICES and awarded to him in 1988.

    – Dave

  3. Mike

    Thank you Dave, You are a walking encyclopedia Of JEEP information, we all appreciate you taking the time and effort to answer questions.

  4. Kurt in Renton

    I have a creeper that has Jeepers Creepers painted on it. It’s pretty hard to read anymore.
    Don’t know how old but is looks like the one my dad rolled around on 50 years ago.

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