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1942 Holden-Designed GPW Redding, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE III:  **SOLD** Was $1552.

UPDATE II: The header has been corrected. It’s actually a GPW. I’ve also added some additional pics:
1942-holden-design-mb-ca0 1942-holden-design-mb-ca1 1942-holden-design-mb-ca2 1942-holden-design-mb-c3 1942-holden-design-mb-ca4 1942-holden-design-mb-ca5

UPDATE: It appears this may be a USMC-modified based on the Holden design, rather than an actual Holden. This may explain why Frank isn’t seeing details he’s expecting to see (see comments)? 

A person I trust has checked this out and confirms it’s a USMC Holden. But, it’s rough, too.

“42 MB prior marine ambulance. Open to offers. Have extra parts and pieces available. In Redding Ca. On a non op also have a rolling CJ 2a with no engine but have plenty of trans and transfer cases. Would like to make a deal on all of it I have.”

1942-mb-holden-redding-ca2 1942-mb-holden-redding-ca3


8 Comments on “1942 Holden-Designed GPW Redding, CA **SOLD**

  1. David Eilers Post author

    I don’t know the exact history, but I’m not sure it could have happened any other way? A guy I trust who deals in MBs and GPWs confirmed this is in person. Must be pretty rough if he didn’t want it.

  2. jay

    This one was probably converted by the USMC not by Holden, but is a Holden design. it’s a GPW that used the ACM1 body tub.

  3. Frank

    To all,

    I cannot tell by the photos provided that this is/was a USMC ambulance jeep. Having restored an USMC ambulance jeep (7 years of research and restoration) that is now displayed each February at the National Museum of the Marine Corps, Triangle, VA I believe I know what to look for.


  4. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks for the additional insights Jay and Frank. I’ve updated the post.

  5. Jay

    I have had 4 or 5 holdens, this is one. It has the door in rear, passenger side door cut out, knothes in rear panel for the litter racks, second set of holes for the windshield mounts, holes in the grill and cowling for the spare tire mount. I’m sure there are a few I’m forgetting but this was a Holden. I do have more photos of this if needed, ask Dave for my emai

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