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First Generation Wagoneer Restoration by The Jeep Farm LLC

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Mark Smith ( and Drew Norman (The Jeep Farm) teamed up again for another video:


5 Comments on “First Generation Wagoneer Restoration by The Jeep Farm LLC

  1. Mike

    Is there a land where money grows on trees? not in my neck of the woods. Beautiful restoration, no doubt about it, but who are the individuals who have the big bucks to buy it? I owned a 1965 Wagoneer many years ago with the “weeping oil” 230 Tornado engine, I was happy to get rid it. I don’t see a market for these first generation wagoneers.

  2. Dan B.

    Interesting. His statement that the 1963-1965 Wagoneer shared the same frame as the Willys Wagon is new to me. Learn something new everyday.

    Must have been tough to find all those little parts and trim he mentioned.

    (Also, seatbelts work better when fastened.)

    Beautiful work. Thanks for posting.

    Save the Tornados!

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Mike, I’d say out West these *might* be more popular. Lots of folks with 2 or (3 or more homes, some in remote areas) look for interesting, unique, and dependable 4WD vehicles. I just looked it up and there are an estimated 1.8 million people with estates worth $20million or more in the US (as of 2018). If the high-end restored Gladiator/Wagoneer/Grand Cherokee restoration folks only served .5% (meaning half of one percent) of that group, it still amounts to 9000 clients. At $50k per vehicle (and Wagonmaster prices are more around $70k and up), you’d be looking at a potential sales market of $540million. You don’t have to fill a very big slice of that market to have a fine small business restoring those jeeps.

  4. Mike

    Well Dave, I guess that explains it, another world I don’t know about, “I am just a poorboy with pockets full of promises.” I’m always amazed at the wealth in this country that is so far out of reach for many of us. In a strange kind of way, I feel blessed that I am not a part of that greed that worships money. Thanks for taking the time to research all the statistics.

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