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1944 Article w/ Picture of a Jeep Called Buzz Bomb

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Just one update Sunday, next updates Monday.

This jeep was painted by Pfc. Joseph Chesley, who’s come up with some creative jeep names. This article appeared in the December 22, 1944, issue of the Arizona Blade-Tribune.



2 Comments on “1944 Article w/ Picture of a Jeep Called Buzz Bomb

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Thanks for finding this Dave: sounds like a clever, talented guy. He’d be about 98 yrs old today… wonder if he still lives in Coolidge AZ?
    And I like the interface on the linked article… scrolls to zoom in-out, pans by dragging… nice!

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Agreed. Thankfully, the interface is used pretty widely at this point by a number of digital media libraries that store newspapers. It also provides the scans in a variety of formats. The ability to search through these newspapers (though still not a perfect system) was crucial to some of my research on SLAG.

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