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L-heads, F-heads College Station, TX


Not sure what all is here, but in the pics I can see some L-head and F-head engines.

“Rebuildable Jeep engines flat head and F head with many accessories and some new parts available.

75+ engines currently in stock.
Contact for more information.

No MB/GPW in this listing”

engines-tx2 engines-tx1


10 Comments on “L-heads, F-heads College Station, TX

  1. Barney Goodwin

    I believe this is Brent Mullins Jeep Parts based on the size of the inventory and GPS location. Specializes in MB/GPW and M-series Jeep with a very large inventory of NOS parts covered in cosmoline. Also has the Museum of the American GI on site. Reputable. College Station is the home of Texas A&M University (West Point of the South). Gig’em Aggies!

  2. Jordi Cortes

    Hi Dave!!!
    Can you send me the email of the seller?.
    I need an original engine for my M38 with all accessories and a F-head for my 1957 station wagon.
    Thanks Dave.

  3. Jimmy Parker

    I’m looking for a good 4-134 engine for a M38 Willy Jeep that I can rebuild and T90 transmission and transfer case that hasn’t had water in it.

  4. Warren Stevens

    Interesting collection.
    I’m looking for a flat head 134 engine or parts for a willy’s I’m starting to biuld.
    Do you have anything available

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