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Ever-Built Stainless Body Kit Winona, MN $5250

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(12/06/2019) This is an “Ever-Built” stainless body kit from the mid-1990s.

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“For sale a complete Ever-Built Metal Manufacturing, (Sheehan Inc,, stainless steel flat fender “Jeepney” body and frame kit. This kit was imported from the Philippines in late 1995 and was never assembled. The kit includes:
The hand fabricated main body tub, which utilizes stainless steel for visible sheet metal and galvanized for floor and firewall.

The hood, tailgate, windshield frame, grill, front fenders, instrument cluster pod, front fender extensions, headlamp buckets, bumperettes, fuel filler bezel, grab handles and other hardware are all hand fabricated from stainless steel.
The fully boxed frame comes with original style suspension mounting hardware, axle bump stops, transmission cross member and weld-in, (GM V6?) engine mount brackets.
The kit has a wheelbase approximately 2” longer and over-all length approximately 4” longer than a stock flat fender, which means both more room in the driver’s area and more cargo room. The fully boxed frame is similar to 1976 and later CJ’s with wider distance between the frame rails aft of the transmission, which aids in vehicle stability.
The kit includes original early CJ style suspension mounting hardware. The only assembly work that has been done on the kit was the installation of the rear main spring eye and shackle brackets. This is a great opportunity to update the suspension with later leaf spring or even other suspension style components. In fact this is a great opportunity to truly build the custom flat fender jeep you dreamed about!
There are no dents, gouges or major scratches on any of the components. There are minor scratches and scuffs from 24 years of storage and moving. The tub interior has been coated with a black bed liner. Most of the chassis components have been painted black.
This kit is very nearly one of a kind with only a handful of examples in this country. Ever-Built Metal Manufacturing was acquired by Sheehan Inc, (of the Philippines), in the late ‘90s. It is possible that support for this particular kit may still be available. I have a number of additional photos available and I also have at least some of the original accompanying paperwork.
Special shipping arrangements will need to be made due to the nature of this item. Shipping charges are the responsibility of the purchaser, however I will coordinate logistical requirements with the buyer in advance of actual purchase.
Asking $5250.00/OBO”


3 Comments on “Ever-Built Stainless Body Kit Winona, MN $5250

  1. Scott

    No trans hump in the floor pan? forgive me, but how would that work out without a body lift or some major cutting and fabbing…

  2. SteveK

    Without the rear “V” frame support, it could also be made into a DJ3A Dispatcher 2 WD model with room for the rear fuel tank there. It doesn’t have the iconic side drain holes, but I like the extended step boards. The mentioned ‘missing hump’ (good eye) isn’t as big an issue for the column shift DJ models either. It would truly be “unique” and probably outlast the owner. Does anybody know what the two curved pieces would be for? A different style of rear bumperettes maybe??? I’d sure like to see what the new owner does with it when they are finished…

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