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1958? Flatfender Body Mesa, AZ $300

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, CJ-2A, CJ-3A

It doesn’t look to be a 1958 body based on the grille and the took box; looks more like a 2A or 3A body.

“1958 Willys jeep body. Hood,fenders,grill, and tub.”



2 Comments on “1958? Flatfender Body Mesa, AZ $300

  1. Joe in Mesa

    This may be just 1 mile from my house. I’ve reached out to the seller… hoping to hear back. Hood looks “high”…so could be CJ-3B (and thus possibly 1958), although the tub and definitely the grill appear more 2A or 3A.
    And what’s up with the trailer? I’ll try to find out ;-).

  2. Joe in Mesa

    I’ve texted and emailed this seller… but no response :-(.
    Wonder if this already sold ???

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