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1962 DJ-3A Naples, NY **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $12,000.

This is a late model convertible DJ-3A that’s has all its convertible top related parts removed. It’s also missing hubcaps.

“Jeep is like new, Frame off restoration in 2002. Perfect for a resort or campground maintenance vehicle or just to take to your local cruise night. 3 spd Manuel on the Column. You will not be disappointed.”

1962-dj3a-elmira-ny1 1962-dj3a-elmira-ny2 1962-dj3a-elmira-ny3 1962-dj3a-elmira-ny4


13 Comments on “1962 DJ-3A Naples, NY **SOLD**

  1. Matt

    Nice job. Did DJ’s have the cut outs in the floor for the transmission and transfer case levers?

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Yes. Body and floor designs are nearly identical to the CJ-3A, including the floor cutouts for the tranny and tc, but there are a few differences. For example, no wood is used in the channels and their is an extra channel on the passenger side. There are other minor differences, too.

  3. Charles Tate

    That’s likely not DJ3A 15″ rims on that jeep. Looks more like more common ford 14″rims. And if it’s not 15″ Kelsey Hayes 4 hole wheels made specifically for DJ3A’s then the correct DJ3A hubcaps won’t even fit the rims!

    I don’t mean to be a naysayer and it’s a really nice jeep. Maybe I’m not correct. Just know that if I’m right then finding a correct set of rims and hubcaps is going to be hard and by the time you add tires to the mix is going to add a VERY substantial amount of $$$$ above the asking price to get that DJ3A to where that it’s looking really good.

  4. Barry West

    I like the paint, but, but being color blind and I had to learn my colors by shades of grays, it looks like some of the paint is of a totally different shade of red. Almost yellow. Am I right? Now Dave’s DJ3A doesn’t present this problem to mine eyes. By the way in the early 60’s elementary schools around didn’t understand or knew nothing about the condition. So my 1st grade teacher would beat the living crap outa me because I could not get the colors right if they were presented to me without the name being present such as on a crayon. So I got real tired of the witch and my parents tearing my rear up so I got my uncle to buy me a huge box of Crayolas and I lined them up according to the shade differences. I committed them memory and boom. I felt so proud only to here the old bat say I told you knew them lazy. Oh well. It took 3 months. Thanks Uncle Ray, MSgt, USAF, Retired and now in heaven.

  5. SteveK

    I admire your tenacity. If that was today, you’d own the school, and parents would be punished, not that I agree that is how it should be. Just an observation. Any way, the yellow is showing in the picture from apparently direct sun exposure ‘bleaching’ instead of where the rest of it being in shadows showing as red.

    You certainly have mastered the transition and adjustment. 90 days well spent. Good Job!

  6. Colin Peabody

    No serial number given so we don’t really know what year this DJ3A is, could be a 62, 63 or 64. Many 63 DJs had 13 inch wheels as standard equipment.

  7. Barry West

    Colin P. Do you know what the black cover plate on the passenger side cowl is for? Heater fresh air intake? Or JATO (Jet Assist Take Off) tube?

  8. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Diego,

    I can’t say whether this is available or not. My guess is that it is. I also expect it will get relisted on Craigslist. So, if I see it relisted, I’ll send you an email.

    – Dave

  9. Kevin Hotchkiss

    Hi Dave, I had been following this DJ3A for a while… and I feel fortunate to have it in my possession now in Upstate NY. It runs great and is fun to drive around town. I am looking for a source for a rear seat now. Thanks, Kevin

  10. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Kevin,

    It’s great that this nice looking DJ found a good home! Thanks for the update and I hope you continue to have fun with it! I’ve updated the post.

    – Dave

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