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1961 Kelloggs Aruba Trip and DJ-3A Surrey Contest Prizes

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In the spring of 1961 Kelloggs offered a contest with prizes that included DJ-3A Surrey Jeeps. At least two of those winners were from California: N. E. Eastmoore, Sr, out of Bowman, California, and Mrs. Maurine Vogel, out of Pasadena, California. A third, Richard P. Varalin, out of Drums, Pennsylvania, is pictured below.



This for quality image of the back of an All-bran cereal box is the only image I have. A better one can be found on the CJ-3B Page, which also provides information about the contest.



6 Comments on “1961 Kelloggs Aruba Trip and DJ-3A Surrey Contest Prizes

  1. Mike

    Being loyal to Kellogg’s cereal, there was no need to schmooze my mother as in the previous posted POST CEREAL contest. Rice Krispies were one of my favorites, and as a back up, my grandma always had Kellogg’s All Bran for breakfast. I thought I was a shoe-in to win. When I didn’t, I was getting a little suspicious, No Jeep surrey for Mickey today. I think the last Surrey contest I payed attention to was the Pepsi Cola contest, didn’t bother to buy Pepsi, I had already given up on ever winning a Jeep Surrey.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Mike: the crushing of a child’s dream leaves a mark! Sorry you didn’t win. I did locate a stellar example of a Pepsi Surrey contest ad that filled almost the whole page of a newspaper. I’ll be publishing that tomorrow.

    Rice Krispies were one of my go to foods as a kid, too. As an adult, I tempered my consumption after I read about several experiments involving extruded cereals and rats and, in all of them, extruded cereals killed rats the fastest (cereal + water + vitamins vs. rats fed cardboard + water; rats fed only vitamins + water; rats given only water; and rats fed whole grains + water).

  3. Brian Lawrenz

    Too bad they don’t have contests like this anymore. I’d eat more cereal.

  4. Allan J. Knepper

    Gee…….thanks Dave……at age 74 I have always been a Rice Krispies guy since childhood. My favorite snack to this day is either homemade Rice Krispies treats made with marshmallow creme and lots of butter………or more commonly today……the snack pack of eight that I get at the store for road trips…..great with my thermos of Italian roast coffee !
    Oh……talking about childhood……after a breakfast of Rice Krispies……my brothers, several buddies and I would hike about 2mi. outside of town to the “dump” landfill with our .22 rifles and shoot RATS for several hours…….the good ole days !

  5. mike

    Allen, sounds like you had a great childhood, in my neighborhood, we only had bee bee guns and pigeons.

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