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Charcoal Gasifier Engine Generator on eBay


Scott spotted this unusual item. If I understand correctly, this has been made to provide a fuel source (out of charcoal) for a jeep engine. I’m not sure what makes this specifically unique for a jeep, as similar systems have been attached to cars. According to this document, a gasifier has been fueling a jeep since 1981 in Laos.

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“1940 ww2 Charcoal Gasifier Gas Generator For 4-6 Cylinder Engine Willys Jeep Wc. Condition is Used. It work with only charcoal and work good, extremely rare item, it is very old with som rust and dent look at pictures over all look good , I can ship it via fastenal, it is 300lbs fit on a wood pallet.”














4 Comments on “Charcoal Gasifier Engine Generator on eBay

  1. Mike

    Five grand to burn charcoal when a gallon of gas is two bucks. I can understand the rarity of this item, but how do you justify the price? More pie in the sky get rich quick schemes.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I don’t know how someone arrived at the price either … But, at least the seller is willing to consider other offers. Maybe it is just a placeholder price?

  3. Daniel Getz

    this is a piece of history, many vehicles from farmer’s tractors to the family sedan ran wood gasifiers when gas ration tickets were scarce. I doubt the price reflects any desire to sell you on putting this on your jeep for anything other than a historical representation. many jeeps are out there being taken to shows and they plow fields but the owners dont farm with them. Imagine pulling up to the steam operated sawmill at your local gas and steam show and shoveling some sawdust into your gasifier and put putting off around the show grounds with your campfire smell. It would be the first and only one I ever saw. At the prices many pay to restore old iron to drag to shows all over I think 5k is cheap to create a piece of history that many people lived as a daily reality during WWII. If I had deeper pockets I would own this thing just for historical value!

  4. David Eilers Post author


    I agree, it’s a neat piece of history. And, I’d like to see it saved and even used (If it is still safe to use). I just don’t see the basis for that particular price, but I will readily admit that I don’t know the market for these at all.

    – Dave

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