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International Harvester Warn-style Hubs? Forestdale, MA $75


I haven’t run across IH marked hubs with a Warn design. Anyone else seen these?

“International harvester stamped lock out hubs, will fit 10 spline Dana 25 and Dana 27 axles”


IH-warn-hubs-10spline1 IH-warn-hubs-10spline2


7 Comments on “International Harvester Warn-style Hubs? Forestdale, MA $75


    When I was a kid my dad had a 1961 Scout 80 with those exact same hubs. They were a bugger to turn by hand. He made a wrench with a t-handle and flack stock, easy peasy after that. I don’t remember him ever breaking one.

  2. Barney Goodwin

    Yes, they’re WARN. We’ve had those in our inventory and usually trade those to Super Scout . Dealerships actually had a plastic device called a Scubber to turn those hub dials.

  3. Terry

    I had these on my ’59 cj5 snow plow jeep, they are the same as jeep hubs , came in a Warn box .

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks guys. I’ve never heard the term “scrubber” in conjunction with these hubs.

    Did Warn private label the hubs with any other manufacturer? Maybe this was an experiment?

  5. Doug in Ohio

    The Scouts that I saw come through the IH dealership shop I worked at in the early 1980’s all had these IH stamped hubs on them.I had actually forgot about them until I saw this post.

  6. Maury Hurt


    The M-series Warn hubs are distinguishable by the presence of a small raised boss in the upper finger groove with the model number stamped into it. The start of the M-series model numbering was evidently tied to the use of Warn’s hubs by International Harvester as optional OEM factory-installed equipment. This may have occurred as early as 1960, with the introduction of the IH Scout 80 in the 1961 model year.

    From an IH Scout forum:

    “Enter IH. In sizing up their competitor, the Jeep Universal, they obviously paid attention to its customers, how they used and MODIFIED their rigs. Warn’s locking hubs caught their attention, and (IH) included the M1 on their option list making (IH) Warn’s first OEM sale, and in the process started Warn’s use of model number designations.”

    The 3-ring manual Warn M1 hubs were apparently available only as OEM on the IH Scout, or through their dealerships, and were evidently all IH marked. Though the 10-spline M1 and WL-2 hubs were internally identical, it makes sense that IH wanted its OEM, factory-installed Warn hubs to be IH-specific in appearance.

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