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2 Different Pepsi Sweepstakes with Surrey as a 1st Prize

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In May of 1960 there was a Pepsi contest that offered a Pepsi-styled DJ-3A Surrey as the first prize. Subsequently, in July of 1960, there was a second contest, Pepsi’s Sociable Sweepstakes, where another Pepsi-styled DJ-3A Surrey was given away. Learn more about the Pepsi Surreys at the CJ-3B Page.

Contest 1: This ad appeared in the May 05, 1960, issue of the Miami Daily News-Record, Oklahoma. To enter the contest, folks had to fill out and mail in this entry blank, “Pepsi Cola, The ___________ Refreshment”. This was a nearly-full-page ad (this version of the ad shown below is slightly different from the one on the CJ-3B page; it can also be found in this Miami, Oklahoma, newspaper).


This next image demonstrates just how large the ad was:


Contest 2: Two months later, Pepsi announced its Sociable Sweepstakes in July of 1960. The contest was part of Pepsi’s Sociable advertising campaign and it, too, offered a Pepsi-styled DJ-3A Surrey as the first prize. The ad below was published in the July 18, 1960, issue of the Greenville News, Greenville, South Carolina. The ad was another large one, taking up most of the page.


This next image demonstrates just how large the ad was:



5 Comments on “2 Different Pepsi Sweepstakes with Surrey as a 1st Prize

  1. Mike

    As in contrast to the cereal Surrey Jeep contests, soda was not allowed in our house, so I didn’t even try to convince my mother. As a P/S to this post, about 3 to 4 years ago there was a Pepsi Jeep on Ebay needing much restoration, The seller inherited the Jeep and knew little about it. The dead give away was some faded Pepsi lettering. I emailed the seller telling him what he had, but never received a reply. I don’t remember if this Pepsi Surrey sold, was re-listed at least once.

  2. Bruce Wierda

    Thank you for your research. Our family had no idea how special our Pepsi Jeep was until we attended the Jeep Fest 75th anniversary party in 2016. We hope to return to the 80th party in 2021. Thank you Jerry Hubert for inviting us to the big dance and the Holy Toledo! Calendar for making us Ms. September in 2020!
    Bruce Wierda

  3. David Eilers Post author

    I’m glad Jerry extended the invitation. He’s a good guy! Your Pepsi jeep is a neat one for sure!

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