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1959 DJ-3A Dothan, AL $12,000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $12,000.

(01/17/2020) Has a few updates, but a lot of stock DJ-3A Convertible, including the rare air filter. Note also the Kaiser speedometer (has a big K on it, but I don’t know what model used it). It doesn’t look all that bad (better than a new speedo would).

“Rare Find! 1959 Willys Jeep CJ3
I purchased in 1959,
been in STORAGE!!
Always in Alabama
12 volts, Less than 20,000 miles”

1959-dj3a-dothan-al0 1959-dj3a-dothan-al1 1959-dj3a-dothan-al2


1959-dj3a-dothan-al3 1959-dj3a-dothan-al4


12 Comments on “1959 DJ-3A Dothan, AL $12,000

  1. SteveK

    ??? original ??? Check out the interesting instrument pod. 120MPH!!! This must be a “fast one”, in more ways than one. Listed as a CJ3??? I wonder what that switch on the transmission hump is for. OD maybe??? Rims??? Looks solid.

  2. Chuck

    Strange! I wonder what that transmission is? It has a tee handle on the dash like a old Studebaker overdrive, but could be a choke, who knows.

  3. Chuck

    Missed the column shifter. The Tee handle I’m talking about is next to the steering column, rather than the L handle emergency brake – unless that is the one you meant, if so, I’ve never seen one.
    Btw, the 302 Ford w/4sp called me last night. Going to look at it Saturday morning.

  4. SteveK

    The T-handle to the right of the speedo is the E-Brake handle Dave mentioned, and when I zoom in on the one on the left I can read “choke”. The switch on the tranny hump looks to be a push-pull type, and could mean someone may have put a BW Overdrive tranny in there (I did mine) and that “could be” the in/out lever control of the OD. Also zoomed in, but too fuzzy for confirmation, it looks like there is something under the gas pedal sticking up from the floor, which would be consistent with a “kickdown switch” for the OD. However, I don’t see any “relay” on the firewall to control the OD solenoid if it were an electric BW OD T96R10 (from 1950 Jeepster) like mine, but I put my relay system under the floor as well, so only the owner knows for sure I guess. Maybe the owner, or the new owner, will send Dave the ID number and some details for the “Survivor DJ data base” That Colin and Glenn maintain. The speedo looks to be a Kaiser 1951-52 Special Deluxe Cluster of a Kaiser Manhattan, without the rim on the top.

  5. Chuck

    That was interesting. Thanks. Yes, I had a kick down botton on the floor for OD on a 46 CJ2a and a Tee handle. But apparently the Tee handle on this one is the choke.

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