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Fiat Campagnola(?) Model Pinson, Al $20


The green jeep-like model below looks like it could have been modeled after the white Fiat Campagnola that is also shown below like the white model shown at the bottom. The green one might be home-made, as the front bumper is not centered. If it was near me, I’d buy it.

“Antique Metal Toy Jeep from the 1970’s”


Fiat Campagnola model … this one is on eBay

fiat-campagnola-pinon-al1 fiat-campagnola-pinon-al2 fiat-campagnola-pinon-al3 fiat-campagnola-pinon-al4 fiat-campagnola-pinon-al5 fiat-campagnola-pinon-al6


4 Comments on “Fiat Campagnola(?) Model Pinson, Al $20

  1. John

    I have a green one exactly like that also. Looks to home made but have never been able to find a manufacture on it. Have not found much to any information about it when searching either.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    Does it seem old or do you think it was purposely intended to look vintage?

    – Dave

  3. John

    I think it is an older toy. My wife found it at a antique store and bought it for me as I always look for Willys toys. I have just never found much information about it. There have been a few similar on Ebay but I think this matches mine the closest so far.

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