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Hard Carved Colombian CJ-3B on eBay

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I suspect this was made in Colombia. It’s cool piece, but doesn’t come cheap.

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“Wood Hand Crafted Willyz Jeep Coffee Truck – Quindio Colombia Burlap Coffee Bags”









3 Comments on “Hard Carved Colombian CJ-3B on eBay

  1. kerry

    Yes it is from Colombia, I see this version in the airport at Rio Negro out side Medellin. I have a similar version of this on my desk in front of me that I picked up at Santa Rosa de Cabel. A city were old jeeps are still in use and can be seen on the city streets doing the work they were made for all day long

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Kerry. Hopefully, when I finally get to Colombia, I’ll get one for myself!


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