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1942 Durkee-Atwood Windshield De-Icer / Defroster

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A friend donated this Durkee-Atwood Windshield De-Icer / Defroster to eWillys. It looks like it was stored well, as everything looks in good shape. It comes in the original metal box. I don’t know anything about these and not sure what the value should be. If anyone’s interested, let me know (d @


1942-durkee-defroster1 1942-durkee-defroster3


4 Comments on “1942 Durkee-Atwood Windshield De-Icer / Defroster

  1. keith Buckley

    The reflection of the chandelier in the photo made me think that it had bullet holes in it.

    I bought a hundred of these in 1980 for a buck a piece.
    Each one comes with a nice push/pull dash switch which was worth the buck.
    My CJ3A was 12 volt, and those defrosters are 6 Volt, so the nichrome wires glowed bright orange before they melted and fell onto my legs setting my jeans on fire.
    The defrosters had a short life, and the suction cups were usually all dried out. You had to smear the cups with silicone grease before applying it to the windshield.

    I eventually relegated the defrosters to the plow jeep. Either way, having a spool of replacement wire is a must unless this is just a display.

  2. van remoortere charles

    you can replace the old suction cups by some used at aquariums –have one on my jeep a display nice item not in use because a have a 24 v that will give some light -greetz charles

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