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1946 CJ-2A w/ 18′ Trailer Grand Junction, CO $13,500


Jeep has some updates. The price includes an 18′ trailer.

1946-cj2a-trailer-colo1 1946-cj2a-trailer-colo2 1946-cj2a-trailer-colo3

“1946 Willy’s Jeep, off road use, 1969 Chevy 350 long block 5.7L engine with only 1500 miles on it. White body with Black Line-X cab. 8000 lb. power take off winch, 3 speed manual transmission with Warren all range over-ride. American Racing 15″ white spoke wheels, Firestone Destination Mud Terrain tires.
Electronic ignition, complete brake job, hydraulic line lock emergency brake, Doetsch Enterprise 8095 shocks,
re-arced leaf springs with new shackle kits, new alternator with voltage regulator, poly gas tank.
Full list of all parts, repairs, modifications and accessories totaling over $16,000 available for review. Labor costs not included in above.
Big Tex 18′ steel deck tandem axle – electric brake car hauler trailer with rock shield, stake pockets and welded D-rings, 2 – 5/16″ bull dog coupler. 4 – 10,000 lb. ratchet race car tie downs, RKI aluminum box mounted on tongue, spare tire mount.
Jeep accessories – Surco Safari basket on Pannon rack, additional rear rack with 2 metal 5-gallon gas cans, 4-V bar mud chains, HI-Lift jack with off road base and lift mate, axe and shovel with brackets for rack mount, tow bar for 2″ ball.”


4 Comments on “1946 CJ-2A w/ 18′ Trailer Grand Junction, CO $13,500

  1. Mike

    Interesting hard top on this Willys, can’t put a brand name to it, is it stock or some sort of modification?

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I didn’t recognize it either. The doors attach similar to the way some Kelly hardtops have their doors attach. Given Kelly was experimenting with hardtop designs, such as the 23 series (a post I hadn’t written yet), my best guess is Kelly.

  3. Roger So.Oregon

    When I first saw this, it caught my eye because I thought it was a modified Koenig 320 with mods. I have a 320 with the forward mounted door hinges, flat looking top and I assumed it looked different because of the larger windows and what appears to be rhinoliner on the exterior. I liked the look for my project down the road.

    As I looked closer it appears to have a tapered back and realized the flat fender steps are all but gone in the pics. Although the pics are hard to see in detail.

    It appears to me to be a cj5 body and probably cj5 top.
    But what do I know.

  4. Roger So.Oregon

    Oh ya, and the windshield looks like a cj5 w/s to me with the overhead wipers.

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