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The M-38 Rear Patches

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Tom pointed out something I didn’t know. Some M-38s have patches along the top of the rear of the M-38 body over both rear vertical seams. This was a technical recommendation was the result of a problem caused by the weight of arctic tops, leading to the separation of the rear body seams.

Below are two unpatched examples:
no-patch-m38-lores no-patch-m38-document-lores

This example shows the crude patch example:1953-05-14-mwo-m38-body-patch-lores

This tub looks to have been patched on both sides:




3 Comments on “The M-38 Rear Patches

  1. Steve S

    Dave and others,
    I’ve restored about 10 M38’s and have encountered both types. Those tubs with the reinforcements and those without. I never knew the origin of the modification – great info. as always on your site.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Steve. I appreciate the confirmation about the patches! It’s one of those ‘mysteries’ that I didn’t know needed an answer.

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