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Video and Photo of M-38 with 106MM Recoilless Rifle on eBay

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This M-38 with a 106MM Recoilless rifle (dubbed the M40). Below is a short video, followed by a press photo that is available on eBay.


Press Photo from eBay:

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“1971 Press Photo US troops test jeep-mounted 196mm M-40 anti-tank rifle in MD. This is an original press photo. Guns – Artillery. Crewmen drive the new jeep-mounted 106mm recoilless rifle into firing position during recent tests at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, in this picture released Tuesday in Washington, D.C., Department of Defense. The battalion anti-tank weapon, designated the M-40, reportedly has greater range and more destructive power than any other weapon available at battalion level.Photo measures 8.5 x 7.75inches. Photo is dated 10-12-1971.”




5 Comments on “Video and Photo of M-38 with 106MM Recoilless Rifle on eBay

  1. Ron

    The Rifle was the M40, no matter where it was mounted. Mounting an M40 on a M-38 didn’t make the M-38 into a M40.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Ron, thanks for the note.

    After re-reading the blurb, I see that I misread the photo caption. I thought the M40 was referring to the jeep (which I thought was strange), but it seems it was indeed referring to the rifle.

    – Dave

  3. JimBow

    Years ago I watched an avalanche control crew fire a recoilless rifle into a snowbank high above I90 in Washington. I could actually follow the projectile with the naked eye. Perhaps it was a special round just for this purpose.

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