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1973 Johnson Enterprises Catalog

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I hadn’t heard of a parts reseller named Johnson Enterprises, a company out of Orangevale, California, until receiving this catalog. The side and corner panel skid plates are something I’ve seen on some jeeps, but never knew who made them.

The catalog is pretty small, so the company didn’t offer too many products. All the pages of the 1973 catalog are shown below:

1973-johnson-enterprises-catalog1-lores 1973-johnson-enterprises-catalog2-lores 1973-johnson-enterprises-catalog3-lores 1973-johnson-enterprises-catalog4-lores

1973-johnson-enterprises-catalog5-lores 1973-johnson-enterprises-catalog6-lores 1973-johnson-enterprises-catalog7-lores 1973-johnson-enterprises-catalog8-lores


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