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Late Model CJ-5 Kelly Hardtop

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UPDATE: This model of top was also sold under the Sears brand. This 1977 catalog shows the top, but doesn’t indicate it was manufactured by Kelly. I’d assume that the different shaped door in the catalog pic has to do with that vehicle being a CJ-7.



Originally Posted May 2, 2020:  People on Facebook were wondering what kind of top this was. After some searching, I learned it was a late model CJ-5 Kelly Hardtop with swing-out sides.




Possible cut-down CJ-6 hardtop (same doors):



17 Comments on “Late Model CJ-5 Kelly Hardtop

  1. Bill

    i just bought a cj5 with this top any info would be greatly appreciated cant find any info i like the top though would like to know who made it and how rare or unusaul it really is

  2. David Eilers Post author


    Kelly Manufacturing made the hardtop. It’s quite rare, though I don’t know how many were made. You can learn more about the company’s background here: . I’m hoping to locate a brochure for this top.

    – Dave

  3. Mike

    Always thought this was a great idea, gets pretty hot in the summertime under a metal top.

  4. neal jung

    I don’t remember ever seeing this model kellly top ? – I have the older cj-6 model 300 ? — its like an OVEN inside , you could bake a TURKEY !!

  5. Nate

    Did anyone find a brochure for this top? I recently obtained a CJ5 with this top but it has no mounting hardware to the body? Could anyone share how there is attached?

    – Nate

  6. David Eilers Post author

    Nate, I haven’t yet found a brochure for this top. It’s possible it appears in a 1970s Four Wheeler Magazine, but I haven’t spotted it yet. I will add it to the post if I obtain a brochure.

    – Dave

  7. Terry

    This top was pictured in Sears 1981 Rec. vehicle parts and accessories catalog page 58 , similar top different door window in 1980 Sears cat. $739 , it’s made of aluminum .

  8. Justin

    I just bought a 78 CJ 5 with this top. It doesn’t seem to fit right around the doors and the door glass is broken. It looks like the windshield frame doesn’t fit right either as it was loaded with silicone. I am considering either selling it or trading it for a regular hard top or even a soft top. I beleive it may be meant for the earlier model CJ5s

  9. David Eilers Post author


    That’s interesting to hear. Once I locate a brochure we’ll know more about what they should fit. If you want to take a couple pics and email them to me (d @, maybe I can figure out why it’s not fitting?

    – Dave

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