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1961 Willys Wagon Ad

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This May 17, 1961, ad that appeared in the Boston Glove for the Jeep Wagon has art that feels more like a late 1940s ad than a 1960s ad. On the same  page as this ad was the photo at the bottom.

Clipping from The Boston Globe - 1961-05-17-boston-globe-willys-jeep-wagon-photo


2 Comments on “1961 Willys Wagon Ad

  1. Mike

    I was trying to figure out why the old look advertising being used in 1961, then looking at the photo of the updated current Willys wagon, may have been a deliberate attempt at subliminal messaging. It’s a stretch, but Kaiser Willys was always looking for new, innovative ways to increase sales.

  2. Colin Peabody

    Willys was also famous for using outdated photos or images in their advertising. Must have been cheaper to use old stuff than to pay to have new images created! The changes in the Willys styles didn’t change much from year to year anyway. Most folks other than Jeep nuts, wouldn’t notice!

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