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March 1962 Tornado Engine Brochure

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This March of 1962 brochure (form 62-03) includes a chart that highlights the performance claims of the engine vs. other engines of the day. It was part of a series of brochures from Willys Motors during 1962 that had ‘wing’ pages that opened horizontally. It’s hard to capture that sense using a scanner, but using a phone Madi those wings more apparent (see the second pic).

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One comment on “March 1962 Tornado Engine Brochure

  1. JohnfromSC

    Dave, thanks for this. I was always interested in the Tornado and it’s market positioning and this was extremely informative. I find it curious that the Mopar slant six slightly outperformed it, even though the Tornedo had slightly better compression and better head geometry. And the S6 untimately outsold and outlived it by orders of magnitude. Of course with the overhead valve design and hardened crank, the Tornado should have supported higher rpms than the S6, but everything is rated only at 4K RPM.

    In forums I read that Tornedo parts can be a challenge to find. I am curious why it didn’t take off as a widely used engine.

    Again, thanks for posting a cool brochure!

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