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Roy Rogers Sugar Crisp 3D Viewer and Photos

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Each photo (photos front and back, so 4 photos total) is 4.25″ wide. The glasses are just under 4.25″ wide.

Unable to travel much this year, I’ve had a little extra cash to investigate the odder eBay finds. These Roy Rogers photos are a good example of that type of purchase. I’ve learned that if you see something on eBay that has been with a seller a while, put it on your watchlist. Sometimes the seller will respond with a discount offer. In this case, I countered with an even lower offer, explaining that I didn’t collect Roy Rogers stuff and only wanted the images for the one jeep image. That seemed to work, as the seller accepted my counteroffer.


My eyes failed me … I never did get the image to look really 3D. I also didn’t want to disconnect the glasses from the photos.

Once delivered I was surprised by two things. First, the 3D viewer was much smaller than expected, but then I realized, duh, they are for kids. For me to view the image wasn’t all that easy through the tiny glasses (4.25 inches from end to end). It also didn’t help that my eyes (I’ll be 55 on Friday) are a little too old; I needed to wear glasses when looking through viewer at the focal length required, but that whole thing became awkward and I never could get the full 3D effect.


All three items were still connected as they originally were. Above them is an 8.5″ piece of paper to give a sense of size.

The second thing that surprised me that the glasses were still attached to the two images and the two images were still attached to each other, meaning these images and viewer had never been used. All three items still folded up into a neat little, compact package.

I just don’t know how stuff like this has survived more than 50 years!



9 Comments on “Roy Rogers Sugar Crisp 3D Viewer and Photos

  1. Mike

    Wow, how about that, I had one of those 3D viewers when I was a kid, came inside the box of cereal, of which also is an explanation of it’s size. get this box of cereal was a easy “Sell”, I was with my Grandma in the A&P warehouse store in Paterson NJ, (early 1950’s) unlike my mother, all I had to say, Grandma I want it, and it was mine. Another box of Post Cereal opened and never eaten, although the ants had a feast.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Mike .. I’d like to think both of my grandmothers would have gotten me the Post Cereal, too 🙂

  3. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Looking at the photo of you reminds me that in the first Back To The Future movie there’s one teenager in Biff’s gang that’s always wearing a pair of cardboard 3D glasses. 😎

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Steve, now that you say it … I can’t say anyone has ever confused me with one of Biff’s gang before 🙂

  5. Colin Peabody

    An early Happy Birthday wish for you Dave. This makes me feel real old, as I was about 8 or 9 when these items were new.

  6. Gerald Huber

    Happy Birthday Dave, what an amazing find those 3D gasses are, and after 50 years to be be in that condition. The NelleyBelle” flat fender holds a unique place in Jeep history.

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