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1935? Dodge? Truck Jeep-Looking Front Garden Valley, ID $1500

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Very odd 3B-like Dodge truck.

“1935 Dodge engine and frame. Man made cab and flat bed. Milage unknown. Great project to restore.”

1953-dodge-truck-gv-id1 1953-dodge-truck-gv-id2 1953-dodge-truck-gv-id3 1953-dodge-truck-gv-id4


One comment on “1935? Dodge? Truck Jeep-Looking Front Garden Valley, ID $1500

  1. Mark J

    Looks like a mutated Buba truck from what might have been an M-37 ? see if it has a 4 cyl engine with coffee can sized cylinders! The dash and wheel look right. I used one we had built into a forestry truck back in the 80’s when i was with Loudon NH. FD. It wasn’t fast but it was unstoppable ! Roads ? we don’ t need no stinkin roads ! lol

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