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1965 M-170 Sparks, NV **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5000.

Used at a “Nevada Test Site”? Bring your Geiger counter.

“Body is good ,motor needs rebuilt it is parts now,was used at the nevada test site for many yeary.”

1965-m170-sparks-nv1 1965-m170-sparks-nv2 1965-m170-sparks-nv3 1965-m170-sparks-nv4


2 Comments on “1965 M-170 Sparks, NV **SOLD**

  1. Ernest Covington

    You have a M38A1 Arctic Top/enclosure on your M170. I am trying to purchase the door latches and hinges that were used with this Arctic top. Since your doors are missing I might assume they might be sitting in some scrap pile (they were made of plywood and died early deaths) and perhaps the hardware is still available?

    What is the VIN/Serial numberof your M170 – 11XXX or similar five digits

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Ernest,

    Unfortunately, the link appears dead and I don’t have any other contact info for that seller.

    One good bet would be to try the M-38A1 forum on the G503 site: Some of those folks are aware of the plywood doors used on the M-38A1 enclosures. (an example of one discussion ..

    Another good site is the M-series forum:

    I hope that helps,
    – Dave

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