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1954 KW ‘Jeep’ Farm Power Brochures

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1954 Form KW-1706 Brochures, early (orange) and late (green) versions.

UPDATE: For a few years now I’ve noticed that there were two versions of the 1954 Form KW-1706 titled ‘Jeep’ FARM POWER, one having an orange theme and one have a green theme. Since I owned an orange copy, I wasn’t in a hurry to get a green copy. Still, I was curious about why the newly formed Kaiser Willys Marking Team would publish a brochure, with the same form number, in two different colors, as that wasn’t a customary practice.

A few days ago I found a good price on the green version. When it arrived, I compared the two brochures. At first, I couldn’t see any differences. But, after examining the text, I discovered the reason behind the color change.

A small section on both brochures is titled “NEBRASKA TESTED”. Apparently, when the original orange brochure was produced, the jeep had only completed a tractor test (#432) using a jeep powered with an L-head, yet the company had applied to take the test using an f-head. At some point after the brochure was published, the f-head test (#502) was completed (which did show increased horsepower).

So, the company updated the brochure’s “NEBRASKA TESTED” text and changed the brochure’s color scheme, probably to make it easier to know which old brochures should be set aside and/or destroyed. At least, that’s my theory.

So, here’s a look at the two blurbs side by side.


Comparison of early (orange) and later (green) versions of the 1954 ‘Jeep’ Farm Power brochure.

Here’s a full look at the green brochure:

Photos Photos 1954-kw-1706-farm-power-green3-lores


This part of the brochure encompasses one whole side (This full-size page measure 17″ x 22″).


This is the back:



Original Post January 2020: This 1954 KW-1706 brochure was an early attempt by the newly formed Kaiser Willys marketing department to demonstrate to consumers just how many jobs the jeep could tackle. It included the slogan, “The World’s Most Versatile Farm Vehicle”.




This page folds out to 17″x11″Scannable Document

This full-size page measure 17″ x 22″. This encompasses the entire one-side of the brochure.Scannable DocumentAnd, the reverse side:

Scannable Document



4 Comments on “1954 KW ‘Jeep’ Farm Power Brochures

  1. Allan J. Knepper

    Once again Dave…….love all the brochures and other “paper” stuff you have been featuring ……but especially love everything “farm Jeep”. Keep up the great work.a

  2. Allan J. Knepper

    Dave…….really interesting discovery. It if very logical that Willys would want the latest F head engine information in the updated brochure. If you were appealing to the farm buyer, the Nebraska test is the gold standard for all motorized agricultural equipment. Farmers were well-schooled in using that to make purchase decisions.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Good to know Allan! I’ve seen the phrase, but have never done any research on it.

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