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Early(?) Plastic Jeep Hesperia, CA Auction

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UPDATE: Blaine and Terry have identified this jeep as a Fix-it-All jeep. It’s missing multiple parts. Here’s a pic of how it should look:



Blaine spotted this unusual plastic jeep that neither of us had previously seen. The fact that it is stamped “JEEP” on the hood and has a front weight are two unusual features that caught our eyes. Anyone recognize it? (this auction site has multiple premiums that will add to the cost).

toys-auction-ca2 toys-auction-ca3 toys-auction-ca1


9 Comments on “Early(?) Plastic Jeep Hesperia, CA Auction

  1. David

    I have one of those plastic jeeps.
    It has a removable top.
    Yellow in color, top is brown.
    I’ll have to see if I can find it and get a good picture.

  2. Terry

    It’s a MARX Fix-All, the pictured jeep is yellow but dirty , I have seen them Yellow, red and Green .

  3. Tom in Paris

    I’ve got a green one, made of metal and wired for lights. It was well played with by the previous owner, so I’m missing the spare and tools. It’s stamped with Jeep and Willys in a couple of places.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    So, some were metal and some were plastic? Or were they all metal, but just looked like plastic?

    – Dave

  5. Tom in Paris

    I’m not sure, I wonder if they switched to plastic at some point. Mine looks a lot like the plastic one, but it’s metal. May have a horn also, I haven’t tried to fix the wiring to get the lights going. I’ll send you a picture.

  6. Terry

    Marx made many different jeep toys, but made two completely different jeep toys with the Fix-All label, a plastic one and a metal one . The metal one is larger and yes, had battery powered lights, both made mid to late 1950s . Sold by Sears in catalog, and called ”Take-apart Jeep” I believe .

  7. David Eilers Post author


    I learn something new everyday! Thanks for the info. Tom shared pics of his metal version, so I’ll get those up for comparison in the next day or two.

    – Dave

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