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Introducing the Jeep Surrey

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UPDATE: Here are a couple more articles introduction the Jeep Surrey. The first one notes that women will like it for its fashion while men will like it for its fine engineering. I’m less convinced that the term ‘fine-engineering’ should be applied to any of the DJ-3As.

The second was widely disseminated in various arrangements and reminds us that A similar model, the “Jeep” Gala, was introduced to the export market early this year . This documents that the Gala was the export model and the Surrey the domestic model.

This first article was published October 08, 1959, and comes from Utah’s Orem-Geneva Times:

Clipping from Orem-Geneva Times -

This October 04, 1959, article published in the Cincinnati Enquirer.


Originally posted in February of 2015: A November, 24, 1959 article in the Spokesman Review introduced the Surrey to Spokane, Washington, residents. There was no accompanying article. Behind the jeep is an old surrey carriage. I’ve not seen an original press photo of this one. Has anyone else?


Two months earlier a September 16, 1959, article in the Toledo Blade welcomed the ‘Jeep Surrey’ as well.


Three months later in January of 1960 the Toledo Blade published this article.



This later photo was taken at the 1961 Chicago Auto Show. I found it via Google, but I couldn’t locate it on the chicagoautoshow’s website due to errors from the site.




3 Comments on “Introducing the Jeep Surrey

  1. Colin Peabody

    Very cool press photos. I had not seen the top one, but the article with the two models on the Surrey was taken at the Toledo airport. That photo from the Toledo Auto Show i had not seen, but I have seen others from that show and the 1960 Chicago Auto Show photos are out there as well. I think Bruce Agan has most of the press photos of the Surrey and I have a few copies of some of them as well.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    I thought you’d like them. I’ve got a few similar articles on the ‘Jeep Dispatcher’ schedule for tomorrow.

  3. Colin Peabody

    Thanks Dave.. I am looking forward to seeing them. The only disagreement Bruce Agan and I ever had was over the Gala/Surrey question and when the decision was made by Willys to drop the Gala name from their advertising. He maintained his 1964 was a Gala because it came from Hawaii. We agreed that the Gala name tag was for the export versions initially only, but when did that change? We never came to an understanding on that. Bruce was the most knowledgeable person I knew about DJ3A Jeeps and Gala/Surreys. May you rest in Peace Bruce, my friend!

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