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1955 Willys Motors Mailers

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When I first completed the post on the early brochures and mailers created by the Kaiser Willys marketing team, I didn’t have a complete list of mailer examples. Below is what I believe to be the completed list:

Here’s an order form from 1955. At the bottom of the order form is a list of mailers, but the mailers lack form numbers.

These are the mailing brochures, but without identifying form numbers, I am not 100% positive these are correct …..

Farmer and Ranchers Best Investment: Whatever You Grow for Profit


Earth Moving Equipment:

1955-earth-moving-equipment-mailer1 1955-earth-moving-equipment-mailer2

Power Producing Equipment:

1955-power-producing-equipment-mailer1-lores 1955-power-producing-equipment-mailer2-lores


1955-jeep-a-trench-mailer1-lores 1955-jeep-a-trench-mailer2-lores 1955-jeep-a-trench-mailer3-lores

Service Station (Mr. Service):


They Go Through: Form W-1765



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