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August 1945 Farm Journal Article “What About The New Farm Jeep?”

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It reads more like a press release than an article. Given its timing in conjunction with the release of the CJ-2A, it most likely was.

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The cover image:



8 Comments on “August 1945 Farm Journal Article “What About The New Farm Jeep?”

  1. Barry

    Very interesting article. It is mostly Willy’s supplied data (and photos), but also contains some criticisms from early engineering testing. The difficulty with with field crops because of low clearance and turning radius and increased fuel consumption comments wouldn’t have pleased the marketing department.
    I’m going to take a closer look at this one, especially the since it uses the term “Farm Jeep”. Willys tried to trade mark that term, but had to settle on the “Universal Jeep” when their request was rejected.
    Another great find!

  2. Ranger Bob in Colorado

    For our use in central and western Kansas the Jeep just was not big enough and the turning radius took too much space. I pulled a 5 bottom 18 inch plow and a 18 foot oneway that required at least a Farmal M. However, I used the Jeep to string irrigation pipe. I would put the windshield down and lay the pipe on the Jeep. Then I would put the jeep in first gear low range and head it in the direction I want to go. I would jump out and walk behind the Jeep. I pulled one strand of pipe a a time has the Jeep went across the field. I also used the the Jeep tp drive cattle from one pasture to another. The Jeep was okay for pulling on section of a harrow. This was in the late forties and 1950’s. As fields got bigger and it took more land to make a living it took bigger equipment

  3. David Eilers Post author


    I didn’t know the company lost out on “Farm Jeep”. That better explains the Universal moniker (which I actually think was better in the long run).

    – Dave

  4. C

    That buzz saw picture is curious because the PTO belt pulley is on the left side of the gearbox instead of the right!

  5. Daron

    It was on the left side for a few of the first twenty and WO made a production belt pulley on the right side.

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