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Propeller/Drive Shaft Guard Kit on eBay


Bill posted this OEM propeller / drive shaft guard kit on eBay. It’s perfect for someone restoring a jeep and wanting all the extras.

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driveshaft-guard-kit1 driveshaft-guard-kit2 driveshaft-guard-kit3

“Driveshaft Guards Kit – Willys Vintage Jeep OEM CJ-3B CJ3B CJ5 CJ-5 FC-150 FC150. Condition is New.

Hello – pieces like this do not come around often. I cannot recall the last time that I saw a set of driveshaft guards for sale. This is an as-new Willys part in the original box. Original instructions are included. Packing newspaper confirms the build date as 1959-1960.

The loose pieces were sealed up in that cloth bag, I assume everything is there. All of the guards and brackets included are pictured. They all appear to be in excellent condition.

Look at the pics for fitment info. This kit says 3B, 5, and FC150. I can tell you that I have what appears to be the same kit on my CJ-2A from new. Maybe Willys labeled it only by the vehicles that they were producing in 1959 only. I don’t know, as I wasn’t there.

This will make the perfect accessory for your restoration, or buy it and copy it so everyone can buy a set of these… from you.

I was intending to put these on my CJ5 restoration, but I found a T98 4-speed trans for it. This kit will not working with a T98 since the trans is way bigger. So I am regretfully selling these to make more room for other stuff.”




3 Comments on “Propeller/Drive Shaft Guard Kit on eBay

  1. Bill

    I’m guessing that this is the nicest kit you’ll find out of the 7-8 sets on eBay right now.

    What’s it worth?

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