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1963 Traveller(?) Wagon Lacey, WA $1000

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I can’t tell for sure if it is/was a Traveller or not.

“Willy High Wagon
350 Chevy V8
4-speed tranny with over drive.
Rear axle 1972 Jeep Wrangler.
Front axle 1973 CJ7.
Front brakes and tires need to be assembled.
Need trailer to haul.”

1963-wagon-lacey-wa2 1963-wagon-lacey-wa3 1963-wagon-lacey-wa4


2 Comments on “1963 Traveller(?) Wagon Lacey, WA $1000

  1. Dan B.

    Yeah, Parkways (1947-1964) and Travellers (1960-1964) are quite similar. Sometimes there are dead giveaways that are unique to the Traveller: rear diamond plate step, optional driver’s side gas tank, and roof rack for the spare (on the 4×4) in addition to the flattened rear wheel wells and sideways jump seats. Without interior pics, it’s tough to tell… how about at least a Parkway. 🙂

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