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October 1952 Willys Service News

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Page two of this issue highlights what service departments should do when replacing engines in WWII jeeps.

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4 Comments on “October 1952 Willys Service News

  1. mike

    Great cartoon drawing of old man winter, at first glance, I wondered why there was a typical car with it’s hood up, needing servicing and NOT A Jeep. Then I realized this was a subliminal message, if you had a Willys Jeep, you wouldn’t be stuck in the snow, very clever.

  2. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Chrome plated piston rings? Copper-chrome alloy engine blocks? Never heard of these, maybe these were a short term experiment?

  3. Ranger Bob in Colorado

    When you put a new block in a Willys Jeep you were supposed to stamp the serial number from the old block onto the new block. I wonder how many dealers did?

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Ranger Bob … No doubt some dealers saw the rule more as a guideline, lol.

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