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1956? Ramsey Brochure Bulletin 126-A

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

I’ve guessing the brochure’s year based on the lack of an intake vent on the grille of the Willys truck and the lack of any FCs appearing in this document. I like the underside illustrations on this brochure as well. This is Ramsey Bulletin 126-A


ramsey-winch-form-126-a-2-lores ramsey-winch-form-126-a-3-lores ramsey-winch-form-126-a-4-lores ramsey-winch-form-126-a-5-lores

ramsey-winch-form-126-a-6-lores ramsey-winch-form-126-a-7-lores ramsey-winch-form-126-a-8-lores


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